Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Cardinal Virtues and Theological Virtues

Foundations of the Church
Scripture and Tradition, The 10 Commandments, The Sacraments of the Church and The Precepts of the Church

The Season of Lent
Ash Wednesday, Fasting and Absence, Traditions and the Date of Easter

Language - Liturgy 
Explanation of the terms; Liturgy, Liturgical Minster, Catechumen, Catechist, Alter, Ambo, Lector, Cantor, Lectionary, Missal, Echarchrist, Tabernacle, Monstrance, Adoration, Rconciliation, Elect, Candidate

Angles, Guardian Angles, Teachings from the Catechism

Saints, Canonization Process, Communion of Saints, Christian Name 

Councils of the Church
A brief description of each of the Councils of the Church

History of Music and Liturgy, The Order of the Mass

The Sacraments of the Catholic Church
The Seven Sacraments of the Church, Minsters of the Sacraments

The five basic types of prayer and the three basic expressions of prayer

Christ the King, Traditions of Advent, Advent Wreath, Advent Prayers and Calendar

The Names of Jesus
Names for Jesus from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, The Naming of Jesus and the Etymology of the name Jesus

Definition of Love in Greek and Latin, Types of Love

The Sacrament of Confession
Guidelines and tips on going through the Sacrament of Confession

Outline of Ancient Near East History 
Basic chronological outline of history of the Ancient Near East and the Empires, Putting Scripture in Context, When was the Bible written

Additional Helpful Resources and Links

Power Point Lessons

The Organization of the Catholic Church
Lesson covering how the Church is organized and our place in it. Explanations of the roles of Priest, Deacon, Bishop, Pope, College of Cardinals, Electing a Pope, Church Councils.

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