Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer of Mercy video series - Week 3

Fr. Michael Gaitley's Divine Mercy:  The Second Greatest Story Ever Told
Episode 3:  The Suffering ServantFrom the Augustine Institute:  If an entire nation can be “God’s Suffering Servant,” then Poland served that role throughout history by helping to save the civilized world through its fidelity to its Catholic faith.
Episode 4:  Faustina and the Spread of Divine MercyFrom the Augustine Institute:  The tumultuous history of Poland set the stage for a remarkable woman to become the catalyst of the main drama of the Second Greatest Story Ever Told, a drama involving the modern message of Divine Mercy and its popularity following World War II.
These two episodes continue the story from where we left off back in Week 1, driving us even deeper into the story of Divine Mercy and the grace that brought us to this important devotion.  Like last time we will view Episode 3, have a discussion, take a break, and resume with Episode 4 followed by discussion.

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